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Benefits Summary

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The Office of Human Resources has prepared the following Benefit Summaries to provide you with an overview of the main features of the benefits available to you as an employee of The College of New Jersey.  All benefit plans are administered according to legal plan documents and insurance contracts. Although we have tried to summarize the provisions of these legal documents clearly and accurately, if any of the information presented here conflicts with the legal documents, the legal documents will govern. This summary is not a contract for employment nor intended to imply or create an employment relationship. These benefits may change at any time.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Office of Human Resources at to speak with one of our benefit specialists.


Benefits Summary – Faculty

Benefits Summary – Unclassified (AFT & NU)

Benefits Summary – Classified (CWA & IFPTE)

Benefits Summary – Grant

Benefits Summary – Part-time