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Alternate Benefit Plan (ABP)

What is the ABP?

  • The ABP is a tax-sheltered, defined contribution retirement program for certain higher education faculty, instructors, and administrators.
  • ABP provides retirement benefits, life Insurance, and disability coverage, which can help provide security in retirement.
  • The ABP and ACTS offer opportunities for long term tax-deferred investment.
  • The State of New Jersey has authorized seven Designated Service Providers (DSP) to provide investment options and services in the ABP.
  • Six of the seven DSPs are also authorized to provide investment options and services for the ACTS.
  • By accessing the array of investment options offered in each plan, you have the flexibility to create a retirement investment strategy that accommodates your personal circumstances and goals.
  • To access more information regarding the ABP, please visit NJ Division of Pension and Benefit ABP Website.




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