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Professional Development

July Campaign for LinkedIn Learning

You asked for it!! See the banner at the top of the TCNJ LinkedIn Learning page for our latest learning campaigns about Listening Deeply, Building your Emotional Intelligence and being more Courageous and Confident at work.  These are some of the topics you have asked about developing.  So click here and get started today!!



Welcome to the TCNJ Professional Development homepage. Start here to find the latest thinking about professional development on LinkedIn Learning and what that means to you.  The more you engage with LinkedIn Learning, the more content it will suggest to help you grow as a professional.  So please, like, comment and share on LinkedIn Learning,  and come back here often for the latest news and ideas about your professional development.

While it’s your job to direct your professional development, it’s my job to help, so contact me, Denise Cole if you have any questions or suggestions.

LinkedIn Learning Paths and Collections

Getting Oriented

Welcome to TCNJ!!   If the first ninety days of a new job are challenging, the first week can be overwhelming.  So take a deep breath, lots of notes and your time. And don’t be afraid to ask questions of your peers, your teammates and most importantly your manager.

» LinkedIn Learning | Getting Oriented Collection

Becoming a New Supervisor

Congratulations on being promoted to supervisor!! Being a supervisor is very different from being an individual contributor. You have to learn to make the shift from doing the work to delegating the work, and still making sure the work gets done.  In addition, you need to give your staff constructive feedback and report back to your leadership in a productive and efficient way.  This collection is designed to help you make the transition to supervisor. Take time between courses to apply new concepts at work.  The most important person who can help you build your expertise and confidence is your manager, so be sure to reach out the them about how to handle new situations. Good luck as a new supervisor. You’re going to be great!

» LinkedIn Learning | Becoming a New Supervisor Collection

Onboarding New Hires (For Supervisors)

Congratulations! You’ve found a great new candidate and they’ve accepted your offer. As their supervisor, your job is to make them feel welcomed, help them integrate with your team, and set their expectations about how to succeed in their new job. During the first 90 days, it’s up to you to set your new employee up for success. These classes will build your knowledge about orientation and onboarding.

» LinkedIn Learning | Onboarding New Hires (For Supervisors) Collection

Advancing Your Career as a Leader

This collection is designed for individuals with two or more years of experience as supervisors. To get the most out of this learning, take a class every week or two. At the end of each module, write down your reaction and how you might use what you learned. Next, think about how you can apply what you learned on the job, then try it, and reflect upon how it went. For best results, ask a trusted advisor to help you review how things went and what you might do differently the next time. The point is to apply concepts from your training on the job and make revisions as you go. If you have a coach or mentor to work with, great! If not, please feel free to contact me, Denise Cole at

» LinkedIn Learning | Advancing Your Career as a Leader Collection