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Leave Programs

The College of New Jersey recognizes employees may find it necessary to take leave from their job to address certain family responsibilities, their own serious health conditions, personal or professional obligations.  In order to comply with federal and state laws, the Administrative Code, Board Policy, and contractual obligations, the College offers the following leave programs to eligible employees. If you are considering a leave of absence from your position, please contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss the options available to you.


Leave Time Available for Classified Employees

Leave Time Available for Unclassified Employees

FMLA/NJFLA (Medical/Maternity/Family Leave to Care for a Sick Family Member)

The College supports leaves of absence under the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and New Jersey Family Leave (NJFLA).  FMLA/NJFLA leaves are available to all faculty and staff members who meet the eligibility criteria. Additional information can be found by clicking on the Family Leave link.

Voluntary Furlough 

Employees wishing to participate in the Voluntary Furlough Program may do so by completing the appropriate paperwork and obtaining the approval of their administrative or academic department.  All forms should be forwarded to Human Resources for processing.  Click on the Voluntary Furlough Program link for additional information.

Donated Leave Program 

The Donated Leave Program enables employees to help co-workers affected by a catastrophic health condition or injury, or employees who are caring for a family member with a catastrophic health condition, by donating sick or vacation days.  Additional information may be found here: Donated Leave Program.

Energy Savings Program 

The College of New Jersey administers an energy savings program that allows employees to work on certain state of New Jersey holidays in exchange for other days off during the calendar year. Additional information may be found here: Energy Savings Program

Personal Leaves of Absence 

The College grants personal leaves of absence to full time employees under certain circumstances.  Additional information can be obtained by accessing the Personal Leave of Absence link or by contacting the Office of Human Resources.

Bereavement Leave 

Employees who need to take time off from work to attend the funeral of an immediate family member may use sick leave to be paid for the time off.  Please notify your supervisor if you are in need of bereavement leave.

Jury Duty

Employees shall be granted leave with pay for the time required to attend jury duty that is scheduled during work hours. Time required for jury duty includes actual time spent in commuting.

Employees who are required to attend jury duty during the work shift immediately preceding or following his or her scheduled work shift for the same day shall be excused from the scheduled work shift.

Employees shall be granted up to their normal number of work hours in any one day to attend jury duty.

Employees are required to submit written verification of attendance signed by a representative of the court.

Military Leave

The College of New Jersey provides Military Leave of Absence for non unit staff members, classified Civil Service employees and unclassified employees. Classified Civil Service employees must consult their respective Collective Bargaining Agreements regarding additional provisions for military leave. Military leave is granted to eligible employees who have been called to active duty aside from their regular annual training obligations.

1. Military Leave for Active Duty – Organized Militia and National Guard

Any full time or temporary employee who has been employed at The College of New Jersey for one year or more, and who is a member of the organized militia or National Guard of the military shall be entitled to a leave of absence with pay up to 90 work days in the aggregate in any calendar year for all days which he or she is engaged in any State or Federal active duty. Active duty shall not include inactive duty training such as weekend drills.

Any leave of absence for such duty for a full-time employee who has been an employee for less than one year shall be without pay.

2. Military Leave for Reservists (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard, National Guard of any states other than New Jersey)

Any full time or temporary employee who has been employed at The College Of New Jersey for one year or more and who is a member of the organized militia or National Guard of the military shall be entitled to a leave of absence with pay up to 30 work days in the aggregate in any calendar year for all days which he or she is engaged in any Federal active duty. Federal active duty shall not include inactive duty training such as weekend drills.

3. Employee Responsibility

Employees must produce their official military orders to the Human Resources Department immediately upon receipt to ensure the leave/payroll information is processed in a timely manner. A copy of the orders must be given to the employee’s manager within one week of receipt of orders from the military.

Employees who have military obligations for training exercises and/or annual drills must submit an annual schedule to their manager by December of the previous year. Changes to the annual/drill schedule must be submitted within 45 days in advance of the proposed change.


Workers’ Compensation 

The College strives to provide a safe and secure working environment for all employees.  However, if a work related injury or illness occurs, the College shall provide appropriate medical treatment to the injured worker through its workers’ compensation program.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for administering the workers’ compensation program. Please report all work related injuries or illnesses to your supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible following the injury or illness. To get additional information on Workers’ Compensation, click here, or to download the Accidental Injury or Occupational Disease Form, click here


Temporary Disability Insurance

The College participates in the New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance program available to employees who exhausted all accrued sick leave and are unable to work because of illness or injury unrelated to work.  Additional information may be found here:

Sabbatical Leave Policy

The sabbatical leave program at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is intended to provide full-time faculty members and librarians with the opportunity to grow professionally as accomplished and engaged teacher-scholars and librarian-scholars. It is designed to foster the broad range of activities in which teacher-scholars and librarian-scholars engage, such as scholarship, teaching, advising, and service, as well as to support new directions or a shift in the focus of the applicant’s academic career.

A sabbatical enables a faculty member or librarian to take leave from her or his normal duties of teaching or librarianship, scholarship, academic advising, and service for a period of either one semester or one academic year. The purpose of a sabbatical leave, as defined in the most recent American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union contract, is to enable the faculty member or librarian to pursue “a substantial project designed to yield publishable results and/or enhance competency as a scholar or teacher. Sabbatical leaves may also be granted for the pursuit of an accredited terminal degree program in an appropriate field of study” (Article XXVII).

Important Information Pertaining to Faculty Sabbatical Leave

Eligibility – Application – Approval

All full-time tenured faculty members (including Demonstration Teachers and Demonstration Specialists at the A. H. Moore School) and librarians who, as of June 30 prior to the year for which the leave is requested, have completed a period of six (6) or more consecutive years of service at a College/University, shall be eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave. Sabbatical leaves are granted no more frequently than once every seven (7) years.

Terms of Sabbatical Leave

    • Half-year leaves shall be at the rate of full salary.Full-year leaves shall be at the rate of three quarters (3/4) salary.
    • For librarians, half-year leaves shall be five (5) months, and full-year leaves ten (10) months.
    • The period of the leave shall be credited for increment purposes, where such credit is relevant.
    • A faculty member or librarian on sabbatical leave shall be entitled to the continuation of pension and insurance programs benefits as provided in the applicable plans.
    • Each faculty member or librarian accepting a leave must sign a written statement obligating him or her to continue to serve for at least one (1) year after expiration of the term of the leave, unless waived by the President of the College/University.
    • Faculty members or librarians on such leave are permitted to receive additional compensation in the form of fellowships, government grants, and honoraria for purposes related to the leave and part-time employment directly related to the project at an institution where they are in residence for the purpose of study and research in addition to the partial salary from the College/University, provided that total compensation from all sources does not exceed such faculty members’ full salary at the College/University. The leave may not be used to accept paid employment during the period of the leave except as provided above.
    • Faculty or librarians on sabbatical leave may engage in outside employment if it does not conflict with the purpose of the sabbatical leave or N.J.A.C. 9: 2-10.1 et seq. and the faculty member report the outside employment before going on leave.

Additional information pertaining to the Sabbatical Leave Process can be found on the Academic Affairs website:

If you have further regarding your benefits during your sabbatical leave of absence, please contact Krystal Corbett at ext. 3306 or

Benefits Coverage during a Leave of Absence 

Please notify Human Resources prior to or immediately after the date your leave of absence begins.  Click here to download additional information on Leave of Absences and Your Benefits.

Returning From a Leave 

When you return from a leave of absence to an appointment eligible for benefits, contact the Office of Human Resources to confirm your benefits coverage. Any change in dependent status that occurred during the leave or layoff must be reported:

      • Within 60 days of your return if you did not continue your benefits during your leave; or
      • Within 60 days of the event if you did continue your benefits during your leave.

If you continue your benefits through the College during a leave, and you do not return to the College at the end of your leave, you will be offered COBRA for your health plan, dental plan, prescription drug plan, and Health Care Flexible Spending Account. Under COBRA, you may continue these benefits at your own expense for up to 18 months.