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Health and Welfare Benefits

The College of New Jersey is pleased to offer health care benefits, including medical, prescription and dental coverage, to eligible employees through the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program.

Detailed information regarding The College Of New Jersey’s comprehensive program of benefits is available at the Division of Pensions and Benefits website.

  • Employee cost for medical insurance (medical and prescription drug) is based upon the employee’s annual salary, the plan selected and the level of coverage (i.e., family, single, etc.).
  • Employee cost for dental insurance is a flat dollar amount based upon the plan selected and the level of coverage.


Important Benefit Information for the 2018 Plan Year


Change in Family Status

When an employee experiences a change in family status (divorce, marriage, birth of a child, death of a family member) there may be changes that need to be made that concern health benefits.  For information about how a change of family status could impact you, please click here:  Things to Consider When a Family Status Change Occurs


Long Term Care Insurance (Closed to New Members Effective August 1, 2012)

Long term care comprises a broad range of services provided to persons of all ages who have lost their ability to function independently because of a physical or mental impairment.  Long-term care differs from other types of health care in that its goal is not to cure an illness, but to allow an individual to attain and maintain an optimal level of functioning.

Long term care services include personal care, home health care, rehabilitation, adult day care, care management, social services, assisted living, and nursing home services. Long term care services may be delivered on a regular basis or intermittent over a period of several months, several years, or a lifetime.  Detailed information about the Long Term Care Plan is here: State of New Jersey Long Term Care Insurance