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Beneficiary Designation

It is very important to keep your beneficiaries updated. This is especially true if you have any life altering events like marriage, divorce, birth of a child or death in your family. If you would like to change your beneficiary with the Division of Pension and Benefits and Designated , please click on the link that corresponds to you pension plan.

ABP/DCRP Designation of Beneficiary to download, complete and return the form to the same address listed above. This form will supersede what is currently on file. Once the form is received, a letter of confirmation is sent.


ABP/DCRP participants should also contact their designated service provider to designate beneficiary as it relates to their investments, ABP/ACTS Pension Benefit Providers.


Participants of the Public Employees Retirement System and Police and Fireman’s Retirement System, must use MBOS (Member Benefits Online System). MBOS is an online tool to view and/or update beneficiary information. Use the link for details on designating a beneficiary,


Individuals participating in the 403(b)/and or 457(b) supplemental plans, should contact their designated service provider to inquire about the designation of beneficiary, ABP/ACTS Pension Benefit Providers.