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Group Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Plans

Group Life Insurance

Waiver of Non-Contributory Life Insurance Over $50,000

Members of State-administered retirement programs may waive their Non-Contributory Group Life Insurance over $50,000 to avoid a possible Federal and State tax liability on that benefit by completing a Waiver form and submitting it to the Division of Pensions and Benefits.

The Division of Pensions and Benefits must receive waiver forms on or before December 31 to be effective January 1 of the next calendar year. Once a waiver form has become effective, it shall be irrevocable for the entire calendar year.

The waiver will remain in effect until the member requests to rescind it by completing a Reinstatement form. The reinstatement will not become effective until January 1 of the following year. Any member who waives the Non-Contributory Life Insurance must waive the total amount of coverage in excess of $50,000. Waivers of partial amounts will not be permitted.

New enrollees will be required to retain the total amount of their group life insurance during their first year of membership.

If the waiver is in effect upon termination of employment or retirement, the member will be unable to convert any amount of their Non-Contributory Life Insurance coverage in excess of $50,000. It should be noted that members of PERS who wish to reduce their total life insurance benefit to $50,000 must also eliminate their contributory life insurance coverage.

Waiver and Reinstatement forms can be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.


Temporary Disability Insurance

If an employee is temporarily disabled due to illness or non-work related injury and has exhausted all earned sick leave, he/she may apply for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI). The employee’s eligibility and benefit payment are determined by the New Jersey Department of Labor and benefits are paid after the first seven consecutive days of each period of disability. These first seven days are also known as the “waiting week.” The waiting week will be compensable when disability benefits have been paid for all or some part of each of the three weeks immediately following the waiting week. The payment of TDI is limited to 26 weeks with respect to the disability period.