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Tuition Waiver Program


This Program provides eligible employees a tuition waiver for up to 12 credits per semester (maximum of 24 credits per fiscal year), and applies to tuition and fees.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Regular, full time employees in the AFT, IFPTE and CWA bargaining units
  • Non-bargaining employees

Waiting Period

  • Six months of full time, regular employment*

Program Requirements

Employees who apply for a tuition waiver for undergraduate classes must file an application for admission through the College’s Office of Admissions and must matriculate prior to completing 30 credits.

Employees who are seeking a degree in a graduate program must file an application for admission through the College’s Office of Graduate Studies and must matriculate prior to completing 10 graduate credits.

Employees who are matriculating in a degree or certification program, and who must complete a course that is not available at The College of New Jersey, or for which the maximum class size has been reached, may be granted a waiver to attend another New Jersey state college where the course of study is offered.

Classes during normal business hours must be approved, in advance, by the employee’s immediate supervisor and shall be limited to one course per semester. Typically, time missed from work to attend a class must be made up within the same week.  However, where classes are determined by the immediate supervisor and the Office of Human Resources to be directly related to the employee’s present duties, time missed for class attendance will not have to be made up.

Application Process

To apply for first time tuition waiver benefits, submit the application to the benefits department at least two weeks prior to the start of class.

A tuition waiver application for subsequent classes must be submitted to the benefits department prior to the class registration deadline.

Loss of Tuition Waiver

A tuition waiver shall become void and the employee will be responsible to pay all related tuition and fees under the following circumstances. The employee:

  • Receives a less than satisfactory grade
  • Terminates employment prior to completing the course
  • Does not complete the course for any reason

 Withdrawing from a Class

Employees who withdraw from a class after the add/drop date will be responsible for payment of the course in accordance with the terms of payment as set by Records and Registration department requirements.

Employees responsible for any tuition and/or fees must send a copy of their paid receipt to the Office of Human Resources, benefits department, after settling their account. The account must be settled in order to be eligible for any future tuition waivers.

Tax Information

Graduate course tuition waivers are not subject to payroll taxes, to a maximum of $5,250 per calendar year.


*A regular employee is one who is not serving in a probationary, provisional or temporary capacity.