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 Tuition Waiver Program for Dependent Children and Spouses


Program Guidelines

A dependent children, spouse, or party to a civil union with an employee who has been employed by the College for five (5) years shall be eligible for a tuition waiver program at the College where the unit member is employed provided the student fulfills the academic and administrative requirements for admissions.

Eligible Employees

Employees in the follow classifications are eligible to participate in the program:

  • AFT Professional Staff
  • Non-unit Employees
  • IFPTE Employees
  • CWA Employees
  • PBA-SLEU Employees
  • NJLESA Employees
  • NJSOLEA Employees

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be a dependent child of the employee based upon IRS definitions, or a spouse of the employee, or a party to a civil union with the employee as defined by NJSA 37:1-29 et. al.
  • Student must apply for all available Federal and State grants and/or scholarships by submitting the FAFSA from each year. For students who receive financial aid, the grants and scholarships (gift aid) will be applied to tuition first. Private grants received and earmarked for “tuition only” also will be applied to tuition first. The College shall waive at least 40% of tuition not covered by the scholarships or grants.
  • Students must be matriculated, studying for their first baccalaureate degree and must remain in good academic standing in accordance with the College/University regulations.
  • If an employee dies while employed in an eligible position, and if his or her dependent child was admitted or enrolled under the program at the time of the employee’s death, he or she shall be eligible for the program until completion of the first baccalaureate degree. All policies and restrictions otherwise applicable to this tuition waiver will apply.
  • This program shall not affect existing locally negotiated dependent tuition program agreements, except to the extent the local agreement does not meet the minimum standards set forth in this article.

Tuition Waiver Amount

Students shall receive at least 40% tuition waiver in a program leading to the first baccalaureate degree, up to the number of credits required by the degree program for graduation.

How To Apply

To apply for the tuition waiver program, complete the form and submit it to the office of human resources.  Tuition Waiver Program Application for Spouse/Civil Union Partner