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Performance Evaluations

At The College of New Jersey, we believe that the work of every employee contributes to the experience of the students, faculty, and staff through educational, research, and service activities of the College. The College is committed to supporting employees to foster the greatest possible value and satisfaction through their work. In these rapidly changing times, increased communications between managers, supervisors and staff employees is vital to achieve the mission and vision of the College. As we work through issues relating to dramatic changes in technology, a greater diversity of cultures within the campus community, and the need to always do more with limited resources, there is an increasing need to link organizational goals with the performance of individual employees. An effective performance management system is an ongoing process of observing performance, coaching employees, and giving them feedback. The process allows managers to effectively identify the goals of the department/division and each individual employee’s contribution to those goals. An effective performance management program is an important element of any supervisor’s assignment and requires no small commitment of time. In the long term, a well managed program should save time through increased productivity and averted problems.
The College of New Jersey’s performance evaluation system incorporates our mission, core beliefs, and strategic initiatives into its design, while affirming established universal core competencies and employee essential job functions. This program affords us the opportunity to:

  • Provide a mechanism for management to motivate and provide rewards and recognition to employees while supporting the achievement of the organization’s goals, objectives and strategic initiatives.
  • Develop our road map for the short/immediate/long term future, so the direction of the College is clear, and the expectations of each employee are clearly identified.
  • Provide a vehicle for communicating with employees and coaching them to help achieve individual performance goals and objectives which support the College’s mission, goals and strategic initiatives.
  • Provide an ongoing process of performance planning, coaching and giving immediate feedback.

**When completing your evaluation, please use the new job description located on each evaluation page.

Includes process overview and applications. See Academic Affairs web site