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Mandatory New Hire Adjunct Documents

In order to complete the hiring process and be authorized to start work at The College of New Jersey the following documents must be completed, signed and returned to Human Resources prior to your first day of service.

State of New Jersey statutes require all adjuncts faculty members to participate in the Alternate Benefits Program (ABP). The Alternate Benefit Program is a tax-sheltered, defined contribution retirement program for higher education faculty and certain professional administrative staff. In addition to retirement benefits, the ABP plan offers life insurance and long-term disability coverage. The plan requires eligible employees to contribute 5% pre-tax from the employee’s bi-weekly or contractual salary. The college also makes an 8% contribution into the employee’s account. Adjuncts are also eligible to participate in the State of New Jersey Health Benefit Program. If enrolled, adjuncts must pay the full cost of the coverage.

To ensure you have all required forms please download the

Adjunct New Hire Checklist 


Mandatory On-Boarding Documents and Process

  1. Signed Offer/Contract Letter– The signed offer/contract letter is required to accept employment at The College of New Jersey
  2. Complete Background Check All new adjunct faculty are required to complete a background check. An email will be sent from Sterling Solutions
  3. E-Verify I-9 (section 1) –  All new adjuncts are required to complete the I-9 electronically. An email is sent from Sterling Solutions requesting action to complete section 1
  4. E-Verify I-9 (section 2) – Once section 1 is completed, new adjunct is required to report to the Office of Human Resources prior to their first day of employment to provide original documents supporting the I-9 form.

Mandatory On-Boarding Forms

  1. Emergency Contact Form
  2. Discrimination in the Workplace Form
  3. Certificate of Non – Residence In NJ (For Pennsylvania Residents Only) 
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. W-4 Form: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate*

*Employment candidates who do not submit this form will have withholding deductions defaulted to the highest tax rate.

Mandatory ABP Pension Forms

  1. Affidavit of Pension Form This affidavit is required to determine your prior pension enrollment with the state of New Jersey Retirement System. Please complete all sections and sign.
  2. ABP Enrollment Application*All adjunct faculty are required to complete the application to enroll in the pension program. Please complete section 1 and sign in section 1. Please see Alternate Benefits Program to learn more about the pension plan.
  3. ABP Carrier Election and Allocation Form* This form is required to elect your investment carrier. Please see Authorized Designated Service Providers List for provider options. Please see Designated Service Providers Comparison Guide for more information on investment elections.
  4. Designation of Beneficiary Form* This form must be completed to designate your beneficiary for life insurance. The Division of Pensions and Benefits requires an original signed copy.
  5. ABP Salary Reduction and Carrier Allocation Form*This form is required to select your investment carrier and is an agreement for TCNJ to deduct the mandatory 5% pre-tax contribution from your bi-weekly salary.

*These forms are not required if you retired with a New Jersey State Pension Plan or took a distribution from a prior ABP Plan.

Mandatory Health Forms

  1. Health Application – This form is required even if you elect to waive coverage. If you are waiving coverage, please complete section 1,2 and check the “I elect to waive health coverage”  located in the middle of the application. If you elect to enroll, please complete the full application and submit the required supporting documents found on page 3 of the application.

For additional information regarding State Health Benefits Program click here and for monthly rates click here.

Optional Plan Enrollment Forms

  1. Supplemental Voluntary Retirement Plan – Salary Reduction Agreement and Carrier Allocation FormThis form is required for 403b enrollment under the Additional Contributions Tax-Sheltered (ACTS) Program
  2. NJ State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan This form is required for 457b enrollment under the Deferred Compensation Plan- NJSEDCP  


Adjuncts already enrolled in the NJ Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS), must declare their intent to either change to ABP or remain in PERS.  This decision is irrevocable and must be made by completing an Election of Retirement Coverage Form within the first 30 days of the semester.  Adjuncts already in PERS who do not complete this paperwork will be switched to ABP.

Default Providers for ABP Investments

ABP enrollees not designating an investment provider for their program contributions within 45 days of program participation are enrolled with the investment provider designated by the NJDPB as the default investment provider at the time of enrollment. The default investment provider is authorized to accept employer and employee mandatory contributions and will invest the funds in a money market fund. Contributions will continue to be sent to the default investment provider and invested in that money market fund until the ABP member designates an investment provider, completes an application with that investment provider, and notifies the employer of this action.

MassMutual will be the designated order of Default Provider from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020

For additional information regarding the Alternate Benefits Program please visit NJ Division of Pension and Benefits – ABP

Adjuncts with questions concerning pension benefits may contact Sarbjit Kaur at Adjuncts with questions regarding contracts may contact Nia McGowan at