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Required Documents

In order to complete the hiring process and be authorized to start work at The College of New Jersey the following documents must be completed, signed and returned to Human Resources prior to your first day of service:

1. Contract Letter

The signed contract letter makes official your acceptance of employment at The College of New Jersey and along with a valid I-9 form provides authorized access to The College.

2. Faculty Employment Application

Click here for the form.

3. Form I-9

All new employees are now required to complete their I-9 electronically using e-Verify. New employees will now receive an e-mail from Human Resources requesting their action in completing section 1 of the electronic I-9 form. New employees will still be required to report to Human Resources on or prior to their first day of employment to provide an HR representative with their original supporting I-9 documents. Following receipt of the original documents, HR will electronically complete section 2 of the I-9 form and upload the new employee’s supporting documents. 

4. W-4 Form: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

Click here for the form.

Employment candidates who do not submit this form will have withholding deductions defaulted to the highest tax rate.

5. Affidavit of Pension form

Click Here for the form.

Please answer all questions and sign.

6. ABP Enrollment Application

Click here for the application.

All adjunct faculty are required to complete the ABP Enrollment Application to enroll in the pension program. Members contribute 5% base or contractual salary matched by an 8% employer contribution to a tax-deferred investment account. This account may be established with any of the current State authorized investment Carriers.

7. ABP Designation of Beneficiary

Click here for the form.

The Designation of Beneficiary form allows a member of a New Jersey Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) to nominate a beneficiary, or beneficiaries, for benefits payable upon death of that member. This form applies to the group life insurance for active and retired members of the ABP.

8. Salary Agreement and Vendor Allocation Form

Click here for the form.

Alternate Benefit Program enrollees designate a pension provider by completing the Salary Agreement and Vendor Allocation Form. ABP enrollees not designating an investment provider for their program contributions within 45 days of hire are enrolled with the investment provider designated by the Division of Pensions and Benefits as the default investment provider. The default investment provider is authorized to accept employer and employee mandatory contributions and will invest the funds in a money market fund.

9. Employee Information Emergency Contacts

Click here for the form.

10. Acknowledgment of Receipt of TCNJ’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace/Educational Environment Form

Download the policy here.

Download the procedure here.

Download and sign acknowledgement of receipt here.

11. Ethics Standards

Download the policy here.

Other Documents

The following documents should be completed if applicable.