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New Employee Information

Welcome New Employees to The College of New Jersey!

This page is designed to help you get ready for your new position. We are excited to welcome you to our campus community and we want to do everything we can to make this a pleasant and positive transition for you.

The links below will walk you through some common questions that we hear from new employees:


New Employee Orientation

All newly-hired employees are scheduled for an orientation meeting. Orientation meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month. At the orientation meeting, employees are given information on a wide range of topics including personnel policies and procedures, health benefits, pension options, and performance evaluation procedures. The orientation also provides new employees an opportunity to address any questions that they have pertaining to their employment.

All employees are responsible for reading and becoming familiar with The College’s personnel policy and procedures. Particular emphasis should be placed on the Code of Ethics, Diversity Statement, Policy on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The last three documents comprise The College’s Affirmative Action Policy.

Any questions regarding these latter policies should be referred to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.
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Employee Identification Card

The College of New Jersey employee identification card may be obtained in the Office of Student Accounts located in Green Hall. In addition to serving as official identification, the picture I.D. also serves as a library card and as an entrance key to employee parking facilities.

Loss of the I.D. card should be reported immediately to the Office of Students Accounts/Cashiers at 609-771-2705. The I.D. becomes void upon interruption or termination of employment and must be returned to the Office of Human Resources before the employee leaves The College. The I.D. card is non-transferable.

To gain access to additional instructions when reporting your card lost or stolen, please go to the following Student Accounts webpage.
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Assignment of Keys

Requests for keys are to be made to Access Control by the employee’s supervisor. Employees will be responsible for all keys that have been assigned to them during the course of their employment. All issued keys must be returned to Human Resources upon termination of employment. Lost keys are subject to replacement at the employee’s expense.
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Assignment of Computers

User Support Services will work in conjunction with the new employee’s department to determine which computer hardware and software the employee may need.

Computing accounts will be developed for all new employees following Human Resources processing. New employees will be required to review and accept a Computer Access Agreement before they will be able to use these accounts to access the Internet or administrative systems. Additional information regarding User Support Services can be obtained by contacting the Help Desk at 609-771-2660.
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Campus Parking

Employees operating privately owned vehicles on campus are required to register them with Parking Services located in the Office of Student Accounts in Green Hall. All vehicles parked on campus during weekdays must display valid TCNJ parking decals. Parked vehicles that do not display valid decals will be ticketed. Information concerning registration procedures and decal mounting may be obtained from Parking Services.

Additional information concerning registration procedures and decal mounting can be obtained by contacting the Card Service Center at 609.771.3144.
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Our goal is to provide you with a positive experience. Let us know if you need anything by calling Human Resources at 609-771-2282.