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NJ State Health Benefit Program (SHBP) Plan Year 2023

Open Enrollment is from October 1 to October 31

As state employees, our benefits are administered by the NJ State Health Benefits Program (NJ SHBP). Open Enrollment provides you with an opportunity to review and make changes (adding or deleting dependents, changing coverage levels, etc.) or enroll in a different medical or dental plan. If/or changes are made during the open enrollment, the effective date is January 1, 2023.

Important Note: This is a passive open enrollment! This means that if you are satisfied with your elections, there is no action required with the exception of the FSA accounts.

Waiving Coverage

  • State employees are permitted to waive NJ SHBP medical and prescription coverage.
  • Dual coverage in the NJ SHBP is not permitted.
  • State employees can elect to waive coverage at any time or during Open Enrollment.
  • Yearly waivers are not required.

Important Note: Employees who have already waived coverage do not need to elect to waive each open enrollment period.

Online Enrollment through Benefitsolver

Benefitsolver is a website portal for employees to review, enroll in their health benefits, make plan changes, add new dependents, and upload documentation.

» Learn how to access Benefitsolver (PDF)

» Visit the NJ State Health Benefits Program – Virtual Benefits Fair

» SHBP – Health Plan Webinars (PDF)


NJ SHBP Medical Plans


  • CWA Unity DIRECT/CWA Unity DIRECT 2019**
  • NJ DIRECT1525
  • NJ DIRECT2030
  • NJ DIRECT2035

*Members hired prior to July 1, 2019, will be enrolled in NJ DIRECT. Members hired after July 1, 2019, will be enrolled in NJ DIRECT 2019.
**For CWA members only. Members hired prior to July 1, 2019, will be enrolled in CWA Unity DIRECT. Members hired after July 1, 2019, will be enrolled in CWA Unity DIRECT 2019.


  • Horizon HMO

Tiered Network

  • OMNIA Health Plan

High Deductible Plans

  • NJ Direct HD 4000
  • NJ Direct HD 1500

The NJ SHBP 2023 Plan Overviews are being finalized and posted soon. The plan overviews provided by Horizon contain a side-by-side view of the basic benefits, copayments, and other out-of-pocket costs for the SHBP medical and prescription drug plans.

2023 Rate Charts are updated.

Incentive Program for the Tiered Network Plan

The program offers a financial incentive of $1,000 to first-time enrollees who remain enrolled for one year for all coverage levels (i.e., Single, Member and Spouse, Parent and Child, or Family coverage). The incentive is paid by gift card no later than the end of the current tax year and is deemed reportable income for tax purposes. The incentive shall be forfeited and returned to the SHBP if the subscriber fails to remain enrolled in the Tiered-Network Plan for at least one plan year. This program does not extend to children over the age of 26 or COBRA members.

Dental Plans for Full-Time Employees

Dental coverage is offered to eligible employees through the Employee Dental Plans. Six different dental plans are offered based on one of two different plan designs — Dental Plan Organizations (DPO) and a Dental Expense Plan (DEP).

Five DPOs are available:

  • Aetna DMO
  • Healthplex
  • Horizon Dental Choice
  • MetLife

DPOs contract with a network of providers for dental services. When an employee or dependent uses a DPO dentist, diagnostic and preventive services are covered in full. Most other eligible expenses require a small copayment. Members must use a provider participating with the selected DPO to receive coverage. Be sure to confirm that the dentist or dental facility is taking new patients and participates with the SHBP Employee Dental Plans since DPOs also service other organizations.

One PPO is available:

  • The Dental Expense Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that allows members to obtain services from any dentist; however, using an in-network provider will reduce an employee’s costs. After satisfying an annual deductible (no deductible for preventive services), members are reimbursed a percentage of the reasonable and customary charges for eligible services.

2023 Rate Charts are updated.

Direct Primary Care

The New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (NJ SHBP) offers employees and their covered dependents the opportunity to join a Direct Primary Care doctor’s office at no additional cost. Simply choose a Direct Primary Care Doctor from Everside Health (formerly Paladina Health and R-Health) or Sanitas Medical Center and get unlimited access to personalized care with no co-pays, when and where it’s convenient for you.

» Learn more about Direct Primary Care

NJWELL Program

A wellness rewards program is offered to active employees of the public sector who participate in the State Health Benefits Program (NJ SHBP) and their covered spouses/partners.

» Learn more about NJWELL

Tax$ave Accounts

Allows eligible full-time employees to set aside before-tax dollars to pay for certain medical, dental, and dependent care expenses, thereby avoiding federal taxes and saving money. 2023 information will be finalized and updated as soon as information becomes available.

Important Note: Enrollment in the FSA does NOT carry over from the previous year. You must complete an enrollment form. The deadline to submit is October 31st. No exceptions!!

  • The Unreimbursed Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows an employee to set aside money to pay for qualified medical and dental expenses not paid by any group benefits plan under which the employee and dependents are covered.
  • The Dependent Care FSA allows an employee to set aside funds to pay for anticipated expenses related to dependent care to permit the employee and spouse to work.

» Tax$ave Essential Guide (PDF)

» Commuter Tax$ave Program Fact Sheet (PDF)

» Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Form (PDF)

TCNJ’s Virtual Health and Wellness Fair

» TCNJ Office Of Human Resources – Virtual Health & Wellness Fair – 2023 (pdf)

» EAP – Virtual Orientation – October 19th & 27th see above link for more details



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