The College of New Jersey

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Interview and Selection Procedures

When conducting or about to conduct a search, please be advised of the following steps.

For faculty and librarian positions: Contact the EO/AA Office (ext. 2623) to meet with the search committee to discuss employment law, interviewing techniques, selection criteria.

For classified and non-faculty positions:

  1.  You should prepare an outline or a summary to uniformly share with each applicant including: position title, salary range, job description, an overview of The College, the interview agenda; etc.  In our effort to be consistent in our employment practices, we recommend that you prepare interview questions in advance.
    1. Contact Human Resources (HR)  (ext. 2282) to establish an interview schedule.
    2. The hiring supervisor must complete three professional reference checks either prior to or following the interview of the finalists.  The results of the reference checks must be attached to the letter submitted to Human Resources requesting to hire the candidate (see step 4).
    3. At the conclusion of the interview process, meet with Human Resources to review interview/selection information and select a finalist for the position.  The Office of Human Resources will secure verification of the highest degree, professional certification or license of the final candidate.
  2. Submit the Applicant Summary Form along with the resume of the successful candidate to the Director of Affirmative Action.  If the selection meets appropriate EO/AA guidelines, a clearance memorandum will be issued.
  3. Issue a letter to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or to the Academic Affairs Office (Faculty/Librarian positions) requesting approval to extend an employment offer to the successful candidate.  Include a copy of the resume, the Affirmative Action clearance memo, copies of the reference checks and verification of degree/license.  The letter should list the hiring department, state and college title for the position, proposed salary range/step and employment starting date.
  4. Once Human Resources or Academic Affairs has given approval, a verbal offer of employment can be made.  If the candidate needs time to consider the offer, establish a date for final response.  Upon acceptance of the verbal offer, advise Human Resources or Academic Affairs of the starting date in order to schedule a pre-employment physical (if necessary) and to initiate the written offer letter.