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Health and Safety Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is the College’s desire to ensure a safe and healthy environment, free from COVID-19 virus incidents.  We ask for your assistance in keeping our community healthy by adhering to the interim Campus Health and Safety – Interim Policy

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

The College has instituted a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all employees who are not members of a bargaining unit, as well as all employees in the bargaining unit represented by The College of New Jersey Federation of Teachers (AFT), Local 2364.  TCNJ will consider applications from employees subject to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for exemptions from the requirement as described below. Employees who receive an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement will be subject to additional restrictions and requirements to ensure the health and safety of the campus community.  Follow these Instructions to Upload Vaccination Record

  • Effective September 10, 2021, a newly hired employee may be considered for exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement if the employee provides a written signed statement explaining how immunization conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs or practices. A general philosophical or moral objection to the vaccination will not be sufficient for an exemption on religious grounds.  An employee may be considered for exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement if they have a medical contraindication for COVID-19 vaccination and if failure to receive this immunization does not prevent fulfillment of the essential duties of the employee’s position. Conditions comprising valid medical contraindications to vaccine administration are those set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To apply for a medical exemption, a physician licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy, or an advanced practice nurse, in any jurisdiction of the U.S., or in any foreign country, must complete the COVID-19 VACCINE MEDICAL EXEMPTION FORM Medical Exemption for COVID-19 Vaccine Form
  • Written statements required above must be submitted by the employee to the College by uploading the appropriate information into the employee’s TCNJ Oracle Cloud portal within seven (7) days of employment. Instructions for uploading the statements can be found at this link. Instructions to Upload COVID-19 Exemption Requests to Oracle Cloud 

Please note that in order to maintain a safe and healthy campus, employees who are granted a religious or medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will be subject to certain requirements and limitations including, among other things, testing for COVID-19 virus twice a week.

COVID-19 Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccination protocols, along with information on COVID-19 related policies, requirements and expectations.  Should you have questions after you have reviewed this information, please submit your questions to

What should I do if I would like to request a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Reasonable accommodation inquiries and requests from all members of the campus community can be emailed to the Accessibility Resource Center.  The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) determines reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.

How do I provide proof of my vaccination against COVID-19?

Employees who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may submit proof of vaccination by updating their employee documents in the Oracle Cloud portal.  Directions to complete the process are here:  COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Instructions

How do I provide proof of my booster vaccination against COVID-19?

TCNJ strongly recommends that employees receive a booster vaccination when eligible (5 months after the second Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, or 2 months after the single J&J vaccination). Employees who have received a booster shot may submit proof of vaccination by updating their employee documents in the Oracle Cloud portal. Directions to complete the process are here: COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Reporting Instructions

I have already had COVID-19.  Do I still need to show proof of vaccination?

Yes.  Effective with the vaccination requirement for AFT and non unit employees, employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 are still required to provide proof of vaccination by uploading your vaccination card to your Oracle Cloud portal.

I am fully vaccinated.  Do I need to wear a face covering and maintain social distance?

Employees who have completed the vaccination documentation requirement and whose record has been validated by the Office of Human Resources are not required to wear a face covering.

I am fully vaccinated. Do I need to submit to COVID-19 testing each week?

If you have been fully vaccinated, submitted your documentation via the Oracle Cloud portal, and were informed by the Office of Human Resources that your documents are verified, you are exempt from testing.

If you have not been informed by the Office of Human Resources that your documents are verified, or if you did not submit a record of your COVID-19 vaccination via Oracle Cloud, you are required to submit to weekly testing.

I am fully vaccinated but I do not want to upload my vaccination record to Oracle Cloud.  Do I need to submit to COVID-19 testing each week?


COVID-19 Testing

Employees are required to  submit to weekly on-site testing until such time as they are notified by the Office of Human Resources that their COVID-19 vaccination documentation has been evaluated and approved.

The COVID-19 testing program utilizes a rapid antigen test and will provide same-day results.

Registering for On-site Testing with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center (BNBMC) is our on-campus testing partner. If you have not yet registered with them for testing purposes, you must do so before you can schedule an appointment and be tested. Please use this link to register.

  • You MUST use your TCNJ email address when registering and in all communications with the company. You must also provide your first name (no preferred name or nickname), last name, date of birth, and current insurance information.
  • BNBMC will bill your personal health insurance plan for the cost of testing. Whatever cost is not paid by your insurance plan will be paid by TCNJ, but the bill must go through your health insurance plan first.
  • If you have already registered with BNBMC, you do NOT need to register again.

Testing Location

The testing site is located in the Decker Hall Social Space. There are directional signs posted in the Decker Hall area. Please enter this location using the back door of Decker Hall. Remember to bring your TCNJ ID Card for access to the building. You MUST make an appointment to get tested.

Testing Hours

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7–10 a.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 3–6 p.m.

Scheduling and Appointments

Appointments for testing are required and can be easily scheduled online here. Arrive no earlier than five minutes before your appointment time. If you cannot keep your appointment, use the reschedule button at the bottom of the appointment confirmation page to change your appointment to another day. Please try to plan ahead and schedule as many of your fall semester testing dates as possible.

Testing for Employees with Symptoms of COVID-19

Employees with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are expected to contact their health care provider, self-isolate, conduct the daily self-checkup via the TCNJ Roar app and obtain COVID-19 testing.  Employees with symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to campus for COVID-19 testing.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Testing

What should I do if I don’t feel well?

If you are not feeling well, do not come to campus and do not go to Decker Hall for testing. Instead, stay home, isolate yourself, and update your ROAR app.

Contact your healthcare provider for evaluation and testing for COVID-19. You will need to obtain testing off-campus before returning to work.

What if I’m required to be tested and prefer to have that done off-campus?

Off-campus testing is permitted. Both Antigen and NAAT/PCR test results are acceptable – nasal swab or saliva. Antibody test results are not acceptable and do not exempt those who are required to submit for  testing. Likewise, at home “do-it-yourself” testing kits are not acceptable and do not exempt those required from testing.

Off-campus test results should be emailed to

For your convenience, If you need assistance finding an off-campus testing site us this link:

COVID-19 Test Site Finder: Get Information on Coronavirus Testing Near You | Castlight Health

I was tested off-campus. What should I do if my result was positive?

Email immediately and wait for someone from campus to contact you with instructions before you come back to campus.

Other Questions?

Testing questions can be emailed to


COVID-19 Testing Exemptions

Certain employees may be exempt from mandatory COVID-19 testing. You may request a COVID-19 testing exemption if you have tested positive for the virus, as indicated below.  Employees who are fully vaccinated are also exempt from COVID-19 testing.

1. You have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, have uploaded your positive COVID-19 test report into Oracle Cloud AND have received a temporary exemption approval from Human Resources.

2.  You received your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single dose of the J&J vaccine at least two weeks prior, you uploaded your COVID-19 vaccination record to Oracle Cloud by following COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Instructions and the Office of Human Resources notified you that your documents were verified.

Your Daily Self-Checkup

Any employee coming to campus must do everything possible to keep the community safe. Employees must complete a daily self-checkup to monitor their health on the days they plan to be on campus (and for the two days immediately following any campus visits). The daily self-checkup is available in the TCNJ Roar app or via an online web form.

Download the TCNJ Roar app for iOS »
Download the TCNJ Roar app for Android »

If You Become Ill

Employees who experience possible symptoms of COVID-19 should refrain from coming into contact with others before obtaining proper medical advice. In following New Jersey Department of Health and TCNJ guidelines, any community member who is exposed to COVID-19 will need to adhere to the proper testing, contact tracing, and quarantine protocols.

Employees who experience COVID-19 symptoms should contact their health care provider and refrain from reporting to work in the interest of maintaining a healthy campus environment. If symptoms present while at work, these employees should notify their department/supervisor and leave campus. Any such employees who experience these symptoms within 14 days of having been on campus should notify Human Resources so that appropriate contact tracing may take place.

In coordination with local health departments in Ewing and Mercer counties, the College will conduct contact tracing outreach to inform persons that they may have been exposed to the virus.