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Emergency Hire Process

The Emergency Hire process is designed to permit the hiring of individuals on an emergency temporary basis without the immediate completion of a competitive search. In limited emergency circumstances where illness, injury, death, or an unexpected retirement, resignation, or reassignment has occurred, the Position Review Panel may authorize a temporary, emergency assignment, not to exceed 120 days. The individual selected must meet the minimum qualifications of the position. An offer of employment may not be made until final approval is given by the Office of Human Resources. Emergency hire candidates must apply separately for position vacancies posted under normal college hiring practices.

The Emergency Hire form and required documentation must be submitted and approved prior to employing an emergency hire.  The permanent position MUST be advertised through a competitive search process within 30 days of the emergency hire employee, allowing 90 days to complete the recruitment process.


Submit the Emergency Hire form to your Cabinet Officer along with the following documents:

  1. Justification memorandum detailing the emergent need for filling this position.
  2.  Job description.
  3. If the position is changing due to the reallocation of duties, explain the reassignment of duties to each department member.
  4. Resume of selected candidate (if external candidate is selected).

To complete the Emergency Hire Form, please click on the following link:

Emergency Hire Process & Form